Ole Henriksen’s Beautiful Business Philosophy

Not many people exude positivity like Ole Henriksen. So when I found myself in need of some inspiration the other day, his smiling face entered my life in book form. I had gone to the CO-OP to get some raspberries, and on top of getting raspberries, I made two pivotal decisions: 1) I got a home bleaching kit for my hair (bad, bad decision!) and 2) I bought the Danish entrepreneur and skincare expert Ole Henriksen’s book “Life Is But a Gift.” I judged the book by its cover this time and hoped his happy face and inspiring words of wisdom would be akin to an injection of his incredible zest for life.

Turns out I was right. To say that Ole Henriksen has a positive outlook on life is an understatement. An example: After coming home from a long day’s work, Ole Henriksen started LAUGHING at the realization that his house had been burglarized, because the burglars had utilized the very same suitcase, he himself had left on the bed that same morning. Now if that isn’t resilience…?

Ole Henriksen on Entrepreneurship

Besides Ole Henriksen’s very beautiful way of approaching life, I found his words on entrepreneurship and business interesting too. After all, this guy went from delivering news papers in a small, Danish town in the middle of nowhere, to creating an international, multimillion dollar company based in Beverly Hills. What I really liked about Ole Henriksen’s approach to business is the “glass half full” mentality. Here are a few of his pointers:

What should drive you should be the passion for what you do, as well as wanting to be the best in your field – Ole Henriksen

What sets your business apart from all the rest is:

  • The quality with which you perform your tasks.
  • The detailed research you carry out, before you launch a (new) product.
  • The fact that everything you do, you do to optimize the quality of your product.
  • Make sure whatever you do, you do it from the heart.
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Ole Henriksen’s Business Tips

  • It’s all about networking.
  • Carry yourself as an honest, friendly and conscientious person.
  • Be honest and resolve misunderstandings as soon as they occur.
  • Always take full responsibility for what you say and do.
  • The client is always right.
  • Always consider the bigger picture.
Ole Henriksen views competition as something inspiring and exciting. He doesn’t feel discouraged or bitter about what other people accomplish, instead he finds competition motivating and expresses the viewpoint that there’s enough for everyone. A beautiful example of an abundance mentality. He points out, that in business one should always steer clear of imitating others, as this would be letting the DNA of your company down. Always be true to yourself and your own vision.
Ole Henriksen has gotten very far with his heart-centered approach to business. Yay for Ole!
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