Finding balance between inward focus and engaging in the external world can be trying at times. So often we’re reminded of how important it is to constantly work on ourselves to become a better person, make ourselves more loving, happier, more whole. We read books, attend workshops, watch clips on YouTube and basically work our asses off to better ourselves, to love ourselves more and to smoothen the creases from our past. Before you continue reading, I just want to give a heads up: I’ve included a beautiful tune, that always really puts me in a relaxed state, feel free to press play if you feel like letting go of your stress a little.



Sometimes this inward focus can become so dominant, that we can end up feeling overwhelmed. You know that feeling? When you’re so super aware of yourself and all your “shadows”, and you can’t seem to swing a cat without hitting a new self-improvement  technique or book? The more we work on ourselves, the more issues we may seem to find at times. The deeper we go, the more techniques we seem to need to utilize, and the further we actually seem to be from our end goal, which ultimately is as simple as leading a happy life from a place of contentment and self love.

Sometimes we need to check ourselves. Is this inward focus bordering on self absorption? Has it all become about me-me-me? Sometimes the more we scrutinize ourselves, the more flaws we tend to find. As a clever person once said: What you’re steering towards is ultimately where you’re going. We have to accept, that we’re not always going to feel 100% loving towards ourselves. We are not always going to have the perfect reaction, we are not always going to be acting, feeling, thinking in accordance with how we wish to act, feel and think. And that is very OK.

Let go of “Project-YOU” a little and just be. You are so beautiful and magnificent the way you are. You don’t need fixing.

If I ever get that feeling of overwhelm and catch myself having too much of an inward focus, I know I need to shift it. I need to look outward more. Look up at the sky, appreciate the fluffy clouds and listen to birds singing. I need to engage more and focus my energy on being there for others. Being someone to someone. Seeing the bigger picture and realizing, that there is so much I can do to make my little corner of the world a better place. Because you know what? Maybe it doesn’t have to be so complicated. Maybe it really is quite simple after all. Helping your grandmother cook dinner. Being there for a friend, who’s going through a rough time. Volunteering at the local animal shelter. Or at an orphanage in Nepal. Or something as simple as exercising and/or doing something creative to get out of your own head.

It’s all about finding that golden balance. Balance between working on ourselves and letting go of that very need. Balance between inward focus and outward focus. Bettering ourselves and leading more conscious lives is so commendable and beautiful. Simply just being, with all that is you, giving back to our families, communities, doing things for others, engaging in the world at large and bettering your corner of it is so very important, very needed and very beautiful too.

Take care ♡ Luca Sofia

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