Did you know that your body speaks?? Yeah, it talks to you all day long. Most of us don’t really pay attention, and we might even have forgotten how to listen to it. We rally on, completely ignoring most of the signals our bodies are giving us. Maybe we forget to eat, all of a sudden realising our stomach is roaring. We might stay up way later, than what’s good for us. Heck, we might even forget to go to the bathroom before it’s almost too late.

Those are the very basic signals our bodies give us, the ones that are at the core of our survival as a species – and we still are able to ignore them! So think about how hard our bodies have to try to get our attention with more subtle situations, such as being in an uncomfortable position, or even ignoring a gut feeling of unfulfillment, stress and anxiety.

The thing is…

As much as we might be ignoring our bodies signals, this is only going to fly for so long. Eventually your body’s quiet nudges will get really loud – that’s when you all of a sudden find yourself in cold sweats, while having trouble breathing on the way to a birthday party. Or your body makes you listen and gets your attention in other ways, so now you might struggle with chronic back pain or loose half a head of hair.

Ok, ok. Luckily it doesn’t have to be so dramatic and those examples mentioned above are taking it quite far. But you DO need to listen to your body and pay attention to your body’s signals. Are you hungry? Eat. Do you need rest? Rest or make note of your tiredness and make sure you rest ASAP. Are you in an uncomfortable position? Move. Do you feel anxious around a specific person? Find out what that anxiety is about. Don’t just ignore it.

The ironic part is, that even when we decide to be more mindful of our bodies, it can actually be quite difficult to tune in and start listening to your body cues, especially if you have been cutting off contact with your body for a while and been living in your head, as a lot of us in the Western world are prone to.

Learning to listen to your body can be facilitated through mindful activities such as yoga & meditation. Psychomotor therapy with its emphasis on the mind/body connection is a great gateway to helping yourself pick up on your body’s signals and act on them as well.

Your body is such a source of enjoyment and happiness – it’s the only friend you’ll have from the moment you are born to the moment you leave this earth. It needs your love, attention and affection – you just gotta start honouring, what your body is telling you. I’ll leave you with this: Take a minute (wherever you are right now) to tune into your body. Notice any sensations you might have. What does it feel like to be in your body right now? What are you noticing? Make a daily practice of tuning into your body, and gradually you will find yourself getting more sensitive to your body cues.

Take care ♡ Luca Sofia

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