Moving on from a breakup can be so, so difficult – especially if you weren’t really ready for the relationship to end in the first place. It can be so very heart breaking losing someone you love dearly and is so very attached to. In fact, breakups can be one of the most difficult experiences to endure; yet every single one of us usually has to live through a breakup at one stage or another.

The most difficult types of breakups to move along from, seems to be the ones where you wanted to stay in the relationship, and he was the one to pull the pin. Makes sense, seeing as you’re then dealing with not only losing someone you love, but also with the very real and very deep sting of rejection.

Here’s an important point, which can get so easily lost on us at times, going through the type of breakup mentioned above. When we were the ones clinging to him, and he was the one making the final decision of leaving. Sweet, let me tell you this:

If you feel abandoned & are struggling to put together the pieces of yourself in the aftermath of it all… If you’re crying yourself to sleep, longing for him, obsessing over him, going over every moment spent together, every word said…

Remember this: It was never really about him. All those emotions, the rumination & the hurt – those feelings have to do with you. Do you feel abandoned by him? You have somehow abandoned yourself. Do you desperately want him back? What you’re really longing for, is getting yourself back. Do you feel like he took something from you, made you a lesser person? You gave yourself away & you can take yourself back, my sweet.

Trust me.

It is not about him, so don’t make it about him. Stop abandoning yourself. Make it about YOU. Get to know yourself again. What do you like? What makes you happy? Who are YOU? Stop reaching out for someone, who’s turned his back on you. There’s so much peace and happiness waiting for you and you’re gonna find it. Just wait and see ♡

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