quitting the job you hate

You open the doors to your workplace and immediately that familiar feeling washes over you. The feeling of resentment. Your body tenses up and you catch yourself thinking you’d rather be anywhere but here. And yet here you are – working the same old job day in and day out. Your body is present, but […]

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Before 2015 I had no real grasp of what East Timor was. I’d heard the name before, maybe on the news some years ago, but my knowledge of the country was pretty much non-existent. East Timor – or Timor Leste – remained a blank spot in my universe. That was until a good friend of […]

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therapists and lipstick

Can you wear bright pink lipstick as a therapist or counsellor, or should you strive to be as neutral as humanly possible? When I was studying to become a Psychomotor Therapist, our teachers would remind us that as a therapist you needed to be as neutral as possible. You were supposed to be a vessel […]

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