holistic personal trainingHolistic personal training is a way to experience exercise and healthy living, while coming from a place of loving care towards our bodies. As women, many of us have struggled with our body image at some point in our lives. Many of us have exercised mindlessly, spent hours toiling away at a gym and nearly just as much time staring critically at ourselves in the mirror. There is no joy in that.

Holistic Personal Training is about getting in touch with your body and honouring the very real connection between body and mind. Your body is not a machine, your body is you – and we have the opportunity to turn punishing exercise into a joyful experience based on love towards your body.

Holistic Personal Training helps you gain awareness of what you really like… How you really like to move and what feels good to you. It’s an intuitive approach to exercise and your body, all based on a mindful, joyful and self loving approach.

As your holistic Personal Trainer I support you through the process of tuning into your body and transforming self criticism into self love. Together we’ll set & meet your goals whether your motivation might be losing/gaining weight, gaining strength or optimizing balance.

A Holistic Personal Training session takes place outside to allow grounding and connection with nature. A session consists of coaching, goal setting, training & therapeutic elements (eg. stress reduction techniques, mindfulness) and nutritional consulting.

You are very welcome to contact me here to book a session or if you have any questions or comments.