LTC or Lifestyle – Therapy – Creativity is a concept for cultivating self-love, amplifying your personal freedom and connecting with your inner joy. It’s all about showing love and care towards yourself and your body, releasing physical, mental and emotional blocks and unleashing your creativity to express your deepest core self.


lifestyle - therapy - creativity

Our lifestyle has such a great impact on our lives. It really affects our health in every way – not just on a physical level. So in order to allow for healing, we need to look at our lifestyle. Do we get enough sleep? What are our sleep patterns and routines? What do we eat? What are our feelings about food? How do we move our body, do we exercise? Do we spend time in nature? What do we do to wind down after a long day? Do we feel stressed? Do we meditate? What’s our job situation like? All of these elements need to be looked at and tweaked and balanced in order to create a fruitful environment for us to grow from.


lifestyle - therapy - creativityTherapy, or counseling, isn’t clouded with the same mystery it once was or with the same stigma – nowadays most of us have found, that talking to someone, who may have new insights, is a true gift. A lot of us have some kind of emotional baggage, that we carry around. Sometimes we aren’t even aware of to what extent. It’s like we are lugging a heavy backpack around full of bricks. What’s the point? But maybe we’ve been carrying it for so long, that we’re barely noticing it anymore. We just feel the ache of the heavy burden, the slight discomfort that may arise in specific situations. Imagine someone coming along and helps you let go of that heavy backpack. Ahhh. What a relief. That’s what therapy is for – helping you let go of burdens, you don’t need to carry any longer.


lifestyle - therapy - creativity

Creativity is oxygen. It’s so invigorating, so healing. It’s expressing deepest self. It’s putting something out into the world – something coming from inside of you. It’s so natural for us to create. Through creativity, we get to know ourselves in a whole new way. We are meant to create. As children, we can’t stop creating. A necklace here, a painting there, a drawing here, a clay figure there. It comes so naturally to us then, because as children we are more in tune with the natural state of joy. We can get to that natural place again. Creativity is one of the most direct gateways to joy and joy is so healing and such a beautiful state to be in!

Lifestyle – Therapy – Creativity is a triad of endless healing possibilities. Contact me if you wish to embark on your Lifestyle – Therapy – Creativity healing journey or have any questions.

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Lifestyle - Therapy - Creativity