Esoteric healing is a beautiful technique of energetic healing, which allows you to transform energy blocks and root causes of physical imbalances.

You receive the hands-on healing fully dressed on a therapy table. It’s a gentle, but powerful non-invasive technique, aimed at creating flow in the energetic field of your body. Esoteric healing allows for deep, spiritual relaxation, assisting you in your healing processes and helping you gain awareness of current or past behaviours and beliefs, which may have been of hindrance to you. It’s a technique and tool for creating balance and harmony in your life, mind and body.

Esoteric means “the innermost” which is a reference to the state of being you can find yourself in when receiving esoteric healing – you really can connect with your innermost truth, your core, your highest being and use this powerful connection to heal energetic imbalances.

A session takes app. 60 mins. and can be done in person or online.

Please do not hesitate to contact me here to book a session, or if you have any questions or comments.

In love and light,

Luca Sofia.